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National Preparedness Month

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

For the past handful of years, September has been known as National Preparedness Month. 

National Preparedness month is aimed at preparing communities for emergencies and disasters of all types. By being prepared, disasters can be avoided, prevented or minimized. 

Prepare Now

Disasters, such as Fire Damage do not operate on a 9-5 schedule. It can occur at anytime. Our team is always ready and equipped to help out the moment we hear about fire damage. With that said, having your house and family members prepared for emergencies can make a notable difference too. 

Make and Practice Your Plan

Do you have an evacuation and shelter in place plan at home? You and your family should communicate and have an emergency supply kit ready. Make sure your family is informed of what to do should an emergency occur. Smartphones are capable of delivering alerts and warnings for your area so much sure you have the necessary apps to stay up to date and informed. 

Double Check

Check your smoke detectors from time to time and replace the batteries after a year. Always keep an eye on your smoke detectors and be proactive when it is defective. 

Homeowners should also check their fire extinguishers to make sure they are fully functional and effective. Some fires can be prevented and minimized by merely having a good fire extinguishers on hand. 

If you ever need our assistance regarding emergency services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office in Waltham

Putting Minds at Ease

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Consumers and customers are taking their health and well-being as seriously as ever in 2020. As well they should. A majority of us are constantly thinking about how to avoid Covid-19 exposure in public as well we should. 

The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic has certainly changed the way we approach things but one thing that has not changed is SERVPRO's commitment to helping our community. 

With our SERVPRO: Certified Cleaned program, we can help businesses, stores, offices, employees and customers feel as safe as possible. 

Most of the general public has been more observant of cleaning procedures in 2020, and SERVPRO always takes pride in executing top-notch cleaning services. 

Whenever we conduct a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned service, our professionals make sure no stone gets left unturned. Our crew has a vast deal of experience and has the proper training to help the community. We use C.D.C approved cleaning products and our products are also E.P.A registered. 

Our crew wears PPE to every job and are always eager to help out!

Show your customers and employees you are taking their well-being seriously, and schedule a SERVPRO: Certified Cleaning with us today!

24/7 Emergency Fire and Water Damage Services

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Established in 1984, Our SERVPRO offers 24/7 Emergency services no matter how early it is in the morning or how late it is at night. We understand Fire and Water Damage can happen at any given time, and we are fully equipped and prepared to help out when it happens. We are the trusted leaders in Fire and Water restoration. 

At our SERVPRO, we are fortunate to have not one, but two outstanding, hard-working Production managers. We are also thrilled to have a handful of crew members who are dedicated to getting jobs done and satisfying customers. Our team has an abundant of experience and know what it takes to mitigate a disaster. 

We have team members on-call and ready to help out. Call us right away at 781-861-0500 if you experience water damage, flooding, or fire damage day or night. 

Thermal Imaging Cameras

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

At our SERVPRO, we have access to a handful of advanced technology that helps us stay on top of things. In certain situations, our team members may use a device known as Thermal Imaging cameras to detect changes in temperature which can indicate water. 

When you have a water damage, the water you see is only part of the problem. The water you do not see, behind walls or beneath floors, poses a risk as well.

If you do not dry all the water, then you will likely have secondary damage from mold or other microbes.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our productions managers may use thermal imaging cameras to help determine where water may be hiding out of sight. These cameras draw attention to changes in temperature.

If we see a spot that registers much cooler than the area surrounding it without a good reason for the temperature difference, we know to check that spot with a moisture meter to see whether excess water is hiding there.

You might wonder why we do not simply use the moisture meter on every surface.

The moisture meter must touch the surface in the spot with the moisture to measure it. We could spend all day sticking the meter on every spot in the building, or we can use the thermal imaging camera to quickly scan and see the spots that merit further investigation.

Get It Right the First Time

After a water damage, you need a restoration crew that can dry your building completely the first time.

At SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford and of Waltham/Weston/Watertown/Wayland, our production managers are equipped with the latest technology, including moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and a very useful app known as DryBook. 

Call us at the first sign of a water damage. We are available 24 hours a day to take your call and determine the best strategy for restoring your building. We always want to be available to whoever may need our help which is why we offer 24/7 Emergency Services. 

We pride ourselves on making fire and water accidents "Like it never even happened."

Insure your contents

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

House fires are the biggest challenge we face in restoration cleaning. Not only must we dry any water damage associated with putting the fire out and clean the soot, we also have to assess what can be restored help occupants come to terms with their losses.

Despite our training and experience, we never find it easy to deliver bad news, and the worst bad news is that a tenant's fire loss is not covered by insurance.

Landlord Limitations

The common misconception that a landlord’s insurance policy will cover a tenant’s contents costs tenants thousands of dollars a year in lost contents and cleaning bills.

In many cases, fires cost tenants everything they own.

Affordable Renter’s Insurance

It does not have to be that way. Renter’s insurance is reasonably priced given the peace of mind it brings.

Tenants who own cars can often get a discount when bundling renter’s insurance.

Depending on the policy, tenants may even get additional protections for theft outside the home or liability coverage. 

Landlord’s Insurance

Insurance for landlords differs from regular homeowners insurance because it only covers the structure.

When we are called to a job with tenants, we are not allowed to touch contents until we have verified renter’s insurance or confirmed the tenant will pay for services performed on their contents.

If there is no contents’ coverage and no commitment to pay, we will clean the walls, ceiling, and floors, but that is about it.

Similar Fires, Different Results

Two similar jobs can have very different results.

For one job, we were called to a home where a short circuit started an oven range fire that spread soot throughout whole house.

The landlord’s insurance covered removing soot from the outside of the cabinets and closets along with the walls, ceilings, and floors.

However, we were not permitted to open the closets or cabinets or to clean any contents because the tenant had no renter’s insurance.

In contrast, an electric short caused a fire in a closet of two-story condominium in Weston which affected all rooms on both floors and the attic.

The tenant in this case had renter’s insurance. Her insurance covered the $4000 invoice for the contents' restoration, while the landlord’s insurance covered the $15,000 invoice for structural restoration.

Losing Everything in a Fire

When a four-unit Waltham apartment building built in the 19th century had a fire a few years ago, the city’s fire inspector declared the building unsafe for entry. Tenants were locked out and unable to access their contents.

The owners learned that restoration on a building that old would require permissions from the city’s historical commission, and they decided a rebuild was cost prohibitive.

Rather than hiring a restoration company, the owners left the condemned building as is and sold off the property.

The tenants lost everything that remained locked up in the condemned building. Those who did not have renter’s insurance received no compensation.

What Do You Have To Lose?

If you or someone you know rents but does not have renter’s insurance, consider how much is at stake.

Take ten minutes to explore how much a renter’s policy would cost. Consider that whatever it costs, tenant's insurance protects against a devastating financial loss. 

We hope you never suffer a fire loss, but if you do, we hope you are properly insured.

And if you ever need our assistance for fire damage, we offer 24/7 Emergency Services and can help out right away. 

Our Water Extraction Machines

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, we stay one step ahead of our competitors by using advanced technology such as these Water Extraction machines. 

When you have standing water or saturated carpet following a water damage, we need to remove as much of the water as we can before setting up fans and dehumidifiers.

The more water we are able to extract, the faster your building will dry. Our Water extraction machines are efficient and always get the job done. 

Truck-Mounted Extractors

At SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford and of Waltham/Weston/Watertown/Wayland, we prefer to use a truck-mounted water extraction machine like the one in this photo.

This is the same machine we use to clean carpets and extract the dirty water after cleaning. Truck-mounted extractors work very quickly and do not need to be emptied as often.

Portable Extraction Machines

If your loss is located too far from the truck or above the third  floor, we will use a portable water extraction machine instead.

These machines are far more powerful than your standard workshop vacuum and shorten the drying process.

Our franchise professionals are trained and certified Water Damage Technicians using professional drying equipment. You can count on us to dry your building using the latest science and technology to shorten the restoration time and minimize costs.

Call us as soon as you notice flooding, so we can extract the water and begin drying as soon as possible!

We continue to offer 24/7 Emergency Services and always look forward to helping whoever we can. 

Stay Alert during Summer Thunderstorms

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

In the past week, mother nature has given us some really nice summer days with the weather getting up to 90 degrees. 

With that said, scattered summer thunderstorms can blow by even in the summer. If we know anything about New England, it's that the weather can be very unpredictable.Rainfall, even in the summer, can be intense and overwhelming. 

Office Building Floods

An office building in Burlington, Mass. experienced an unexpected flood as a result of torrential rains recently.

The building owner said he watched the water quickly rise several inches above the ground level door jamb and start pouring into the building. The water flowed behind the walls and soaked an office carpet.

Drainage Issues

Water has not flowed in through this door in past storms, so the building owner suspects that a clogged underground drainpipe leading to a catch basin backed up.

He plans to repair the drainage to prevent future floods, but this goes to show flooding can happen anywhere, even on lots with preventive systems in place.

Importance of Drying

The owner thought he contained the problem by mopping up behind the flood, but several days later his tenant complained of a musty smell in the office.

Drying out porous materials like carpet and drywall is key to preventing microbial growth, so we are sending a crew to apply a botanical anti-microbial solution and set up fans and a dehumidifier to completely dry the area.

Emergency Ready Plan

In addition, we suggested downloading our free Emergency Ready Plan (ERPs) to create and store a plan digitally which will help expedite a disaster response if something should go wrong in the future.

Call us, the Professional leaders in fire and water restoration. 

When thunderstorms strike in our area, SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford and of Waltham/Weston/Watertown/Wayland is available around the clock to respond to your flood emergency. We always offer 24/7 Emergency Service and always have team members on-call ready to help. 

SERVPRO Can Always Help You

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO, our Professional SERVPRO Crew does not work a 9-5 schedule. We are always available 24/7 Day and Night. Our experienced, franchise professionals understand your situation and are always ready to help you out. 

When you are in need of assistance regarding water damage mitigation, mold remediation, or fire damage restoration, look no further than us!

In addition to those services, we also take great pride in providing top notch cleanings, sanitation work and can help you disinfect your structure. 

All of our technicians have been properly trained and are always eager to help you restore your property. 

The SERVPRO brand has been around for over 50 years and has more than 1,700 franchises across North America. Through the years, SERVPRO has been recognized as one of the leaders in the restoration industry. 

When we arrive on a job, we work diligently and efficiently to ensure your home or building gets back to normal asap. 

Most importantly, we value and listen to our customers. We always love your feedback and suggestions and whenever we hear about unhappy customers we strive to make it right and we will not be satisfied until the customer is. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for help!


Always be Prepared with our Ready Plan App

5/29/2020 (Permalink)

Those who live in New England know how unpredictable the weather can be, even in the summer time. Believe it or not, despite how nice the weather can get in the summer, we can still experience severe thunderstorms. When Summer time is over, the fall and winter can bring in cold blasts, heavy snow, and bomb cyclones, just like the one we had to endure just two years ago. 

So no matter what time of the year it is, always be prepared by having our SERVPRO Ready Plan App ready to go. It is a free and useful download for all smartphones, so what are you waiting for?

Home owners and business owners creating a plan for their building will make everyones job easier if an emergency ever occurs. 

What can the SERVPRO Ready Plan do?

The Ready Plan also requests key contact information so you can store phone numbers, email addresses, even account numbers of critical emergency contacts including those for:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Plumber
  • HVAC
  • Non-emergency Police and Fire numbers

You can customize the contacts and include any information you know you might need, all in one place on your phone.

What makes this Ready plan great is the fact it is easy to share if you choose to do so. 

By storing this information in the Ready Plan App, you will also be able to quickly share it with others: baby sitters or dog walkers, etc.

Keep small problems from becoming major disasters!

 This is your tool for your preparation and protection. And of course, when you need us, we will be there for you! We continue to offer 24/7 Emergency Services and always have professional crew members on-call ready to go!

Lightning Safety Week 2020

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

2020 has been full of curveballs so far but this is something we can get ahead of. In a few weeks is National Lightning Safety Awareness week. June 21st to June 27th to be exact. The annual week for this is important because it raises awareness and is a great reminder on how to stay safe when lightning occurs. This week was created 20 years ago and Lightning fatalities have decreased significantly ever since. 


1 Bolt of Lightning is so potent it is more than 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun! A heat 5 times hotter than a summer sun? Crazy!

In America, lightning strikes the ground around 25 million times each year and causes 28 fatalities per year on average.

Many victims were caught in storms during work and leisure activities while their attention was not focused on the weather change around them. Water-related activities made up 34% of these fatalities. Always make sure to mind your surroundings and to be cognizant of what is going on. 


Always make sure to monitor the weather forecast. DO NOT go in the water or swimming if the forecast calls for rain, thunder or lightning. When lightning occurs, do not touch electrical equipment, do not do plumbing of any sort, do not hang out on the porch or balconies. 

Lightning can enter structures by either a direct strike, through wires or pipes that extend outside and through the ground. It is important to seek shelter in either a building with electricity and plumbing or a metal-topped vehicle with the windows closed.

Always keep all of this in mind and have a safe & fun summer!