Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Backup in Watertown, MA

This water damage was the result of a town sewer backflow that resulted in sewage entering the building's finished basement. SERVPRO was able to clean up the me... READ MORE

Just Like New

Here at SERVPRO, we take pride in making things look like new! Check out the ceiling of this visiting area before, and after our team cleaned it! 

Biohazard Clean up in Bedford, MA

SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford was called out to a housing complex for a biohazard clean-up. The clean-up consisted of feces and blood. The affected areas were th... READ MORE

Sewage Backup Causes Damage to Lexington, MA Basement

SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford was called to this single family Massachusetts residence that had suffered from damage due to a clog in their sewage line. The clog... READ MORE

SERVPRO Mitigates a Water Loss in a Lexington, MA Home

A customer contacted SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford about a possible water loss in a Massachusetts residence. This Lexington, MA home suffered from a shower break... READ MORE

Lexington, MA Home Suffers From Extensive Water Damage

SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford was called to this single family home that had suffered from water damage. When we received the call, the customer was not aware of... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Lexington, MA Home

SERVPRO was called to a single family home in Lexington, MA that sustained sewer damage. This home was built in 1954 and had a toilet overflow in the main level... READ MORE

HVAC System Cleaning in Lexington, Ma

SERVPRO of Lexington-Bedford performed an air duct and HVAC cleaning in this Massachusetts home. Most people don’t think about their ventilation systems a... READ MORE

Ice Damming in Lexington, MA Home Cause Water Damage

This Lexington, MA home suffered from water damage due to ice damming from a few months before. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof an... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Littleton, MA Office

SERVPRO responded to a water loss at a commercial property in Littleton, MA. This business suffered from water damage due to a leak in the roof. The leak in the... READ MORE